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Hey guys my name is Rhianna and I weigh 86 pounds and I am 4”11. I wear a size zero pant and typically an extra small in all shirts. My shoe size is a kids two in converses. I also wear a 32A bra cup. As you can tell I am pretty small. But guess what?! I HAVE STRETCH MARKS AND ITS OKAY. don’t assume because you have stretch marks that you are fat or too big or not beautiful because it’s NOT TRUE. Having stretch marks does not make you fat. You are not fat. YOU ARE WONDERFUL. I have them EVERYWHERE. on my sides, on my ass, everywhere. And it’s OKAY. love yourself. We all have stretch marks and imperfections, ladies. Guys too! No matter how big or small we are all the same. Don’t let a single mark on your body define your entire life. Love yourself because you are beautiful. I promise.

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